Sunday, November 13, 2011

BMW i3 Special Sneak Peek Review

Me next to the i3 concept. The production version is said to be VERY similar to this concept

On November 9th, BMW introduced the i3 & i8 concept cars for the first time in North America and I was one of only about 75 people to be invited to the event. It was particularly rewarding to see the car that will be  the fruit of the MINI-E and upcoming ActiveE programs. This is the car that we have been driving the MINI-E for.  Providing BMW the opportunity to collect data and get real world feedback  so that when they sell this car in 2013, they will have had millions of miles of real world driving experience from thousands of EV drivers, giving them feedback and offering their opinions of what they like and what they don't. This approach will allow BMW to bring a car to market that will be much more polished than a typical 1st generation car because it is, in a sense the third generation. I REALLY liked what I saw and did some reports on my i3 blog as well as on a couple EV websites. Click here to jump over to my i3 blog to see what I have to say and also get the links to the reviews I did on the and


  1. Very nice Tom. You are are right in the middle of the EV movement I have to admit I'm jealous! Let me ask you has bmw told you when in 2013 they will be selling this car. I was really thinking of buying a Ford Focus EV but honestly I'm a little disappointed by the price. I wouldn't mind as much paying more for the i3 because i think it has so much more to offer and it is such an advanced car compared to a gas car conversion like the focus. The problem is I don't want to wait any longer I want an electric car now!!!!! Please shed some light on the availability if possible

    Thank you,
    Albert Pernetti

  2. good write up. it would appear BMW is really serious about these cars