Friday, October 7, 2011

Montclair Becomes One of The First Municipalities in New Jersey With Public Charging Stations

Montclair New Jersey, the town my restaurant in located in recently installed four public charging stations. Of course I have been advocating this every time I get the chance to talk to anyone in the township government that is willing to listen. However Gray Russell, the township's environmental affairs coordinator, didn't need my prodding, he had applied for a grant for four public charging stations financed by Sustainable Jersey and Walmart and was the recipient of the grant.

Randy Solomon 
This week Gray hosted a Green Fleets Workshop that was coordinated by Sustainable Jersey ( and the NJ Clean Cities Coalition. Participants were municipal, county, and corporate fleet managers from northern NJ.  Randy Solomon works with Sustainable Jersey an he was the event facilitator and Montclair & Gray were the host. Representatives from NJ DEP were also there as presenters.

After the meeting, Gray wanted to show everyone the newly installed chargers and he asked me to stop by with #250 and say a few words. Everything went really well and the guests were already pretty well informed about EV's which is not something I usually encounter. I even let Randy take MINI-E #250 for a spin around the parking lot and he was impressed.

It's really great to see public charging stations slowly becoming available. The EV future really looks bright.


  1. That's good news. Soon they will be everywhere

  2. Great to hear, cant wait for Madison to follow