Friday, September 23, 2011

East Coast MINI-E Pioneers Meet Up Set for October 1st!

MINI-E's lined up for the first MINI-E Meet up back in 2009

If you drive a MINI-E in New York or New Jersey then save the date! Next Saturday, October 1st, I am hosting what will in all probability be the final formal meet up of the East Coast MINI-E pioneers.

As excited as many of us MINI-E pioneers are about the possibility of getting a BMW ActiveE in a couple months, the thought of returning these cars that we have all grown so fond of is really saddening. However we all knew the day would come. We have in fact been allowed to keep the cars for much longer than originally promised. We all signed on for a one year closed end lease, but much to our approval BMW extended the program for another year, then for another six months for a total of 30 months. Of course nobody was required to remain in the program and many returned the cars after the first year. Most people that I know that returned their car after the initial 12 month lease did so for financial reasons, not because they didn't enjoy their time with it.

I've hosted two MINI-E meet up already, and the West Coast pioneers out in California have also had a few meets also. However with the program ending in early December, this will probably be the last one, at least for the East Coast MINI-E group. So if you're one of the lucky people here on the East Coast that is driving a MINI-E, please make sure to stop by. The plan is to meet in the parking lot for the first hour (11am to 12pm) and then move inside for lunch and to have a more formal meeting. There will be BMW representatives in attendance to answer questions, listen to our recommendations and hopefully provide some information about the upcoming BMW ActiveE lease program that most of us will be a part of.

I have a 50amp EVSE at the restaurant for anyone that needs to charge up. If you are coming and will need to use the charger, please leave a message or email me as I need to plan a schedule for charging so everyone knows their charge time slot. If you don't NEED to use it, please don't. There will be people that can't make it home without recharging. You may also come early in the day if you would like and charge up before everyone else gets here. There is plenty to see in Montclair that's within walking distance while your car is charging.

Here's the event details:

Where: Nauna's Bella Casa, 148 Valley Rd, Montclair, NJ 07042
When: Saturday, October 1st, 11am to 2pm


  1. Would love to be there, but I'm not even on the same continent ^^

  2. Tom, I sent regrets to your invite via Facebook. But now it looks like we might be in town after all. Of course I cannot drive the EV all the way up from North Carolina, and our current EV is the Think City since BMW would not let us bring the Mini E down to NC. So we'll be in a gas car. Can we still come by, as former Mini E drivers?

  3. Of course! It will be great to see you both. I did promise BMW that after we have a public session we will meet privately with the current MINI-E lessees though, so I hope you don't mind.