Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Solar Today Magizine Highlights EV's: Uses Me as an Example

Solar Today, a magazine dedicated to the solar electric industry, highlighted electric vehicles in this months issue. Unknown to me though, they used a picture of me and my EV+PV story in the issue. I wouldn't have even know about it if a friend didn't send me a link to it. Then, a few days later I got a call from the owner of the company that installed my solar pool heater a few years ago and he even sent me a copy of the magazine. I figure my solar electric installer, Geogenix, must have sent the magazine the picture and information because I recognize the picture as one I took to send to Geogenix a few months back.

They asked me for the photo because they wanted to enter me in the New Jersey Garden State Green Awards, and as it turned out I was one of the winners and was recently recognized at an awards luncheon at Kean University.

Here's a link to the story in Solar Today:


  1. great photo of the car with your house and the solar array in the background. Does your system generate enough for the home and car?

  2. Tom,
    Congrats, once again! You truly are the "poster boy" for solar-charged driving!


  3. PT: There are months where the system generates all the electric I need for both my home and driving needs. Overall, it provides about 80% of my home and car charging needs.

    Christof: I guess now that I made "Solar Today" you are right in saying that. I also remember being featured on your site SolarChargedDriving.com a while back too!