Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Have You Seen BMW's "Wherever You Want To Go" Film Series on The Future of Mobility?

I know I mentioned this film series a while back, but I'd like to remind those that might not have taken a look yet to do so. In the picture above you see me and fellow MINI-E pioneers Todd Crook & Peder Norby. We were enlisted to participate in the series of four short films and to talk about our experiences driving the electric MINI-E's and to offer our thoughts on the future of mobility.

The film series may not be entirely what you would expect. BMW didn't use this as a glorified advertisement for their brand. In fact, I don't think BMW is even mentioned! The purpose of the films were to open a discussion and make people think about where personal mobility is going.

Todd, Peder and I are really the only people in the films that aren't famous public figures so we were all really honored to participate and offer our thoughts alongside people like Buzz Aldrin(astronaut),  Marissa Mayer(VP of products for Google) and Wai Cheng (Director MIT automotive labs) just to name a few.

Anyway, If you haven't already, check out the film series. There are four short films (under ten minutes each) and they offer some interesting thoughts on where the future may take us. You can see them on BMW's Activate The Future website.

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  1. Tom: Nice work! I didn't see you in the first film but them you are in a few places in the others and a lot in the third one.

    These were very entertaining. BMW should promote them more than just on this website that nobody knows about.