Wednesday, April 13, 2011

MINI-E: Showing Off on Earth Day

During the past 22 months with #250 I've had a lot of opportunities to talk about the MINI-E to friends, strangers, the press and even display the car at "Green" events. I try to bring the car to all the events that ask me to come, as I really think I am obligated to do what I can to help promote electric cars since I was one of the lucky few that was selected to be in the MINI-E program. Unfortunately some are just too far away or on days that I just cannot miss work. I actually like bringing the car to these events and talking to people there. They have all kinds of questions about EV's and I definitely have a audience that is interested in electric vehicles and would be the target market for EV manufacturers.

With Earth Day celebrations approaching, I have been asked to bring the car to places that I just cannot go, like Massachusetts and even Maryland. While it may be physically possible for me to find places to charge along the way, it would just take too much time to make the trip reasonable. So if anyone is organizing an Earth Day event in North or Central New Jersey or even New York City and would like a MINI-E there on display, send me a message and perhaps I can bring #250 along and show her off!
#250 at a Green Transportation Expo in Florham Park, NJ last fall


  1. That's very nice of you to put the car on display like that. DO you stay with the car during the events?

  2. I can't promise you an event but check out for props on Monday, April 18. I dig what you did on the Mini, so how about taking the endangered Chilean sea bass off your menu?

  3. Sheila: Thanks and I'll definitely check out the blog on Monday.
    As for the Sea Bass, it isn't on our daily menu, but we occasionally have it for a daily special. The head chef talks with our regular customers every week and asks what they would like featured for a day or two and he makes what the customers ask for. Maybe once a month we feature sea bass. Of course there is the desire to be as socially conscious as possible with all of our menu offerings, but we are in business and we do need to offer what the customers are asking for.