Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Gasoline Cost to Jump $700 for Average Household!

According to Reuters, the cost of gasoline will jump $700 for the average US household in 2011!

Lucky for me, we're not the average household. I do 80% of our household driving with MINI-E #250 and I "fill er up" with sunshine, not gasoline. That's right, I drive on clean, renewable energy that rains down on my house just about every day. My wife drives a Chevy Equinox that is supposed to get a class leading 32mpg, but we haven't quite been able to achieve what the EPA claims it can get. Still for a compact crossover, it is very fuel efficient. I look forward to the day a plug in hybrid crossover is available, we will certainly buy it. She doesn't drive too much so I doubt the increase in gas costs will add up to more than $100 for the year. The last time I checked with the sun, he said he didn't plan on raising his price for sunshine for at lease a few millennium so I think I'm good there. 

There is a better way people, we just need to take it.


  1. Great post Tom,

    but…..have you checked with the Sun’s attorney, or it’s board of directors, or its risk manager, or its public information officer, or its acquisitions and takeover officer, or its stakeholder relations officeror perhaps the CEO of the Sun? Have you checked with the union management to see how the labor force feels about your statement?

    They might have a different answer. What you say they don’t exist?

    Why that would make it the perfect energy source that is socially equitable and free for all who choose to use it. We can’t do that, I would feel bad for all the peeps in the top paragraph :)

  2. Great post.. lucky you

  3. Good for you... bad for us

  4. The renewable energy/electric car model that you are employing is great. I wonder though, how much did the solar array cost you and how long will the fuel savings need to be in effect before you break even.
    I recognize that you probably didn't do this for purely financial reasons but since that it the topic of discussion can you explain for us

    Thank you

  5. HHR: No I didn't do it for purely financial reasons, but it can stand on that reason alone.

    I paid about $40,000 out of pocket for the system. It saves be about $2,000/ year in electricity and I also get the sell the Green Tags or SREC's that the system produces. It generates 10 SREC's per year and I then sell them to the utility, the current price is $655 per. So if you add it up, the system will pay for itself in about 5 years, and it will then be a money making machine for me. I only get to sell the SREC's for 15 years, but the electricity savings last for the life of the system which is about 30 years.

    It's really a financial windfall.

  6. I'm so tired of the "woe is us" helplessness surrounding our addiction to oil -- it permeates our entire culture and psyche. It's so incredibly anti-American.

    It's a do-nothingism and defeatism, rather than the can-do-ism that has made America such a great country -- at least up to now.

    Yes, America, there is a way to break our one-track addiction to oil -- and it's not even rocket science. Plug in to the sun baby -- just like Tom has been doing for the last year. He's living proof that it can be done. Not sometime in the distant future, but right now!

    I absolutely detest the phrase that so many mainstream media outlets bandy about when discussing our addiction to oil as if it were impossible to break it, you know, the whole, "for the foreseeable future" spiel. Would really like to ask those folks: a) what they mean by "forseeable future": 1 year, 5 years, 20 years, 50 years; b) what evidence they have that we can't break our addiction to oil. It's not true -- simple not true! Yes! We! Can!

  7. I'm semi-interested that you have a Chevy Equinox. I would have pegged you for an Escape Hybrid guy instead. Similar size vehicle, with the same type (or even sourced from )Toyota hybrid mechanicals, which would make conversion to plug-in an option.

  8. Scott: You're right about the plug in option, but I just don't like the Escape, it's too dated and is in need for a total refresh. This is what my wife drives so I wanted her to drive something she likes and the Equinox looks & drives great. It does get great MPG considering it's not a hybrid best in class).

    I'll trade it in as soon as a nice, small, 4wd crossover hits the market with a plug. If it doesn't have a plug, no deal.

  9. I like the licence plate.

  10. Tom,

    Great posting. I sent you a private email as I'm considering the PV/EV approach (there may be a Tesla Model S in my future). I poring over the numbers right now and I see about the same 5 year payoff on the system.