Sunday, February 27, 2011

MINI-E #262 Spotted In The Wild

It's not often I see another MINI-E on the road while I'm driving around, so when I passed #262 parked in Morristown today I had to stop and take a picture. Apparently this is one of the cars leased to JCP&L, our local electric utility in Morris County, New Jersey. Other than Michael Thwaite, I don't know of any other MINI-E's still in service in the Morris County area. I know of one in South Jersey and one in Bergen County, but the rest of the MINI-E's leased in my area were returned after the one year term was up as many of the drivers just didn't want to pay $600 per month for a car they would have to give back after the year was up. Many of them that I know have either ordered a Chevy Volt or are waiting for a Nissan LEAF to be available in NJ. After driving an EV for a year, most don't want to go back to their old oil burning ways!

1 comment:

  1. #269 was returned for the above reason. But I am holding out for the Model S.

    Or if Porsche wants to drop off one of those Boxter-E's that would work too.