Thursday, February 17, 2011

I Make an Appearance in BMW's Film "Reinventing Mobility"

A few posts ago I wrote about going to LA to be in a film made for BMW about the future of mobility. It turned out to be a four part series called Wherever You Want To Go that is intended to get people thinking and talking about where we are going in terms of personal transportation.

The films are about 7 to 10 minutes in length and have short bonus clips they call "deep dives" that you can click on an watch a few more minutes of footage. These are located along the bottom of the film at various points and can be viewed by clicking on the arrow.

I have had short cameo appearances in the first two films, but in the third film called Reinventing Mobility released this past Tuesday, I speak quite a bit. Especially in two of the "deep dives" located on the bottom (Click on the first one called "Freedom A to B" and the fifth one called "Wasted Energy" to see me offering my thoughts). The two guys standing with me are Todd Crook and Peder Norby. They both also drive MINI-E's in Southern California.


  1. I've been watching these as they come out. What is the purpose of them? They aren't promoting BMW products, why did they make them?

  2. They are really good!