Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Final Film in The "Wherever You Want To Go" Series Released

The fourth and final film in the BMW series titled "Wherever You Want To Go" is now available online at this link. The three MINI-E drivers asked to be in the film, Peder, Todd and I are all in there to some degree with Peder getting the most talk time. I snatched the above shot from a part in the film where I'm introduced and speak a bit. The cool thing is I get to be the last person talking in the film, and thus the series.

It was a great experience going to LA, meeting Peder & Todd and shooting our conversations (Not to mention getting paid for it!). I hope what the three of us offered helped to improve the films. There were many notable people in the four films offering their opinions on where we are now and where mobility is going and they did a great job offering interesting insights, but Peder Todd and I are living the future right now, driving electric cars every day. The future is electric.


  1. Tom, what impressed me most was that you as a MINI E driver had the final words in this film. I noticed that before I read your post. I agree, this is pretty cool...

  2. Thanks Stefan! It's always good to hear from you. How's the car doing in Germany?

  3. Tom, the car works great, nothing to complain - except the actual low ambient temperature. So I prepared a post about "licence plates" ;)