Sunday, December 19, 2010

"EF-OPEC" has a Canadian Brother!

I get a lot of attention from other motorists while I'm driving around in MINI-E #250. However when I first got the car that wasn't always the case. BMW really didn't do much to announce that the car was a 100% pure electric car. There are decals of plugs on the car, but nothing actually said "electric". Many of the MINI-E drivers like myself complained about that and some of us added "electric" chrome emblems like I did to the side and back of the car. Some took it a step further and had vanity license plates made that further proclaimed our freedom from oil. My choice (and fact that I actually got it approved) of "EF-OPEC" has really drawn a lot of attention to me. Newspapers like the NY Times, the Star Ledger, the Daily Record and even the Wall Street Journal have noted my license plate.

So when Joerg of Vancouver, BC, one of the people that follow this blog saw the above picture in the Vancouver Sun, he knew he had to forward it to me. Joerg has been following this blog for a while now and occasionally emails me EV related articles. Joerg lives in Vancouver but is originally from Germany and has helped me translate English to German in the past.

I have never seen an EF-OPEC plate on any car other than mine before and I wonder if this person had it before I did. Perhaps they read about me and MINI-E #250 and got the idea there. I guess we'll never know. Anyway, it's great to see others have the same feelings I do even if it's on a car that does burn gasoline and need frequent oil changes. Maybe they just wanted to reserve the plate so when an electric car is available they can transfer it. Judging from the license plate, I bet this person will be one of the first in line to buy an electric car when one is available in BC. Don't worry buddy, you won't have to wait much longer...


  1. I hope it's a future electric car driver too but my more cynical nature says it's someone who is promoting Canadian sourced oil and gas and sees OPEC as I guess we will never know. The Alberta oil sands rivals Saudi Arabia in its amount of oil and is an ecological and production cost nightmare.

  2. It's not electric but it is a hybrid. Maybe the owner will post a comment here if they do read this blog.

  3. I think many others would like to have a similar license plate however getting approval can be difficult. It varies from state to state but most try to filter out any phrase that would be determined offensive. I am surprised that New Jersey allowed yours. I think it's great, but I am still surprised they allowed it. Maybe they didn't know what you were saying.