Friday, December 10, 2010

#250 Gets a New Pair of Shoes

One of the great things about the MINI-E program is that everything is included in the $600/month payment. Everything includes all service and repairs (even if you caused damage or excessive wear) new tires when needed, even wiper blades and windshield  wiper fluid! No matter what breaks or is worn, it is fixed for free.

The East Coast pioneers (drivers in NY & NJ) also get free snow tires installed in the fall and then new all season tires installed in the spring. To make it easier for the dealers, the tires come mounted on new wheels so every 6 months I get a new set of tires and brand-spankin' new wheels. While the California drivers do get tire replacement as needed, they don't automatically get new ones every six months like we do on the east, and they certainly don't get new wheels every six months either. I'm on my fourth set of tires and wheels now in eighteen months with the car

Then again they don't have to deal with the problems the cold weather creates as we do so I guess BMW is throwing us on the East a bone for putting up with the reduced range and freezing interior(because the heater really doesn't work at all in cold weather) but that's a story for another post... stay tuned.


  1. Hey Tom, give them the business on that heater! They still don't have it working? After reworking mine three times last year, they finally got it to work... For about three weeks...

    There must be 100 computer modules or more in that car, and they can't get a resistive heater to work. Technology that is more than 100 years old. Somebody has their priorities messed up at BMW.

  2. Jim,
    I've had more than a few discussions with the BMW engineers about the heater. The company line is that is just doesn't work well enough to heat the cabin in extreme cold conditions. I have accepted it and moved on. If this was a production car it would obviously be unacceptable, but given the fact that it is a prototype and I am beta testing, I accept it. There are only a few in service on the east coast now (probably less than 30)and the program is over here in the States in June so I really don't expect them to put much effort into redesigning the heating system. They really need a stronger heating element as the fan currently overwhelms it and actually cools it off so the higher the fan is set, the cooler the air get.
    We have all be advised not to set the fan higher than the second speed. The third or fourth speed will only blow cool air.
    I have managed well so far with a blanket and even some pre-heating on really cold days, like this Thursday morning when it was 14 degrees when I left for work in the morning