Saturday, November 13, 2010

Four Chevy Volts and a Tesla Roadster Come to Visit My MINI-E!

The parking lot of my restaurant today was an EV supporters dream!
 In addition to my MINI-E and my friends Tesla Roadster, we had four Chevy Volts stop by and hang out for the afternoon. That's right, there were four Chevy Volts in one place today and it wasn't a GM assembly line! There are only 15 Volts in the entire country on the road being driven by private citizens (The Volt Consumer Advisory Board Members) and four of them were in my parking lot for about three hours this afternoon. Lyle Dennis from and I organized the event. We had a bunch of people stop by and ask questions about the cars, the CAB members even gave some people test drives in their volts and Lyle even let me drive his volt for a while which was a great experience.

The car is everything it has been billed to be. It was powerful, had smooth acceleration, was nimble and felt like I was driving a luxury car, not at all like an economy car. You can't compare the driving experience to that of a Prius, which many people are trying to compare the volt to. I've driven a 2010 Prius, and it isn't in the volts league at all, not even close.

I would like to thank Lyle and the other three volt CAB members Mike Maria, Eric Rotbard and Robert Becker, as well as Michael Thwaite for bringing his Tesla roadster by. It was great to meet everybody and talk electric cars for a while. Reducing our oil dependency can be a lot of fun sometimes!

You can also check out Lyle's blog for more details on the day, he's going to do a post on the event tomorrow (Sunday 11/14)

I have to repeat how impressed I was with the volt. In my opinion GM has really nailed it with this car. The fit and finish was very good, it was very nimble and responsive and had that great quiet driving experience of an electric vehicle that I have come to really appreciate. I'm betting these cars will sell very well for a long time. It is definitely the best EREV/hybrid option available on the market today.


  1. Thank you Tom for hosting this great event. We really enjoyed checking out the Volts and meeting all the other enthusiasts.

  2. I came by around 11:30 and there were only three volts there at the time. It was really cool to finally see them in person. They are beautiful cars, even better than they look in photos. I wanted to ask for a test ride but didn't think they would be doing that. Thanks for organising this, it was fun

  3. I forgot to mention that the color they all were, veridian joule really looked like silver. Maybe if it wasn't in sunlight it might have the greenish tint I expected it to have but outside in the light it was just silver. There was a silver Tesla parked there also and they looked like the same color to me

  4. The Volt is a great car for those who want the advantages of electric driving but the range of gas in one car. Best of luck to GM.

  5. I stopped by for a little while and it was inspiring to see all the electric cars there and everybody into talking about them and asking the owners questions. I hope everybody has an electric car in ten years, think of how much cleaner the air will be. We can tell Exxon and the other oil giants to shove it.
    Thank you for hosting this, the weather was perfect also.

  6. I had a great time also and it was really nice to meet and talk with everyone.

    It never ceases to amaze me how many people share some of my same feelings about energy use and oil dependency. Meet ups like these really reinforce my belief that people want electric cars. The are ready for them and will buy them if when they are available. Extended range EV's, plug in hybrids, and pure BEV's all need to play a role and there are markets for all of them.

  7. Hi Tom, I was there yesterday (we were talking about the BMW active e for a while) I forgot to ask you if you would help me get in touch with some EV charge station companies. Perhaps you know which ones are better than others?

  8. Hey Tom,

    Would have loved to stop by but I had other plans that took priority. If you host another event I will definitely try and stop by as the Mini meetup was fun last summer.

  9. Tom,

    How much does the "driving experience" really impact a consumer when they consider the purchase of a Volt or a Prius? Wouldn't the environmental benefits the car provides override the driving experience?


  10. Hi Dave,

    That depends on the driver. Different people put an emphasis on different aspects of what a car does for them. I know people that are only interested in the most economical way from point a to point b. I also know people that way their car to be economical, yet have the comforts of more expensive cars, while others insist on a powerful & fun driving experience.

    These qualities aren't mutually exclusive. An electric car can most certainly deliver the power you would expect in a sports car and the economy equal or better than that of the most efficient hybrid car, the prius.

    GM decided they wanted to offer it all: Economy, luxury and a sporty drive in the volt and after driving one, I believe they have delivered. That doesn't mean it's what I'm looking for in a car, or what you should be looking for, but it will satisfy the needs and desires of many.

    We need lot's of cars with lots of different characteristics to satisfy everybody. The volt fills a void, the prius fills a void, the LEAF fills a void. The more options we have, the faster we can reduce our dependence on foreign oil.