Monday, October 4, 2010

My CBS Radio Interview Aired Today

A few weeks ago I was interviewed by Sean Adams from CBS radio. Sean met me at Nauna's and I took him for a 15 minute drive and he interviewed me as we drove around Montclair. The interview was for a segment on CBS radio called "Stories From Main Street" and is about regular people doing unusual or extraordinary things. The interview aired on CBS radio today. You can hear the audio from the CBS radio website. You can jump to the site from the link below:


  1. You certainly get a lot of media coverage. Do other mini-e drivers get as much attention? If not why do think you do?

  2. I do see other MINI-E drivers quotes in articles, but it does seem as though I do get a lot of media attention. I think some of the media outlets that have contacted me have found me through this blog and others are directed my way from BMW. The executives at BMW know that I am willing to do interviews and will make myself available for stories about the car. Plus, since I have a solar electric system and make my own electricity for the car it makes for a more compelling story. Other than that, I'm not sure why I seem to be getting so much media attention lately.