Friday, October 1, 2010

BMW Chief Designer Adrian Van Hooydonk Talks About The New MINI-E Scooter Concept

Adrian Van Hooydonk is BMW's chief designer and is generally regarded as on of the best in the automotive industry. Adrian talked a few minuted to describe the new MINI-E scooter concept in the video posted below.

It is a line of electric scooters that were recently introduced at the Paris Auto Show. Adrian and his design team came up with three different designs, one of them shares the MINI-E color combination and subtly design characteristics.  Personally, I think they all look great and if they can deliver the 65 miles per charge that I have read and not be too expensive, then I think they would sell well, especially in urban areas. This further confirms BMW's commitment to electric mobility and that they are proactively thinking out of the box for ways to meet then needs of efficient, low emission personal transportation.


  1. I like these concepts. Mercedes also presented one from the Smart line. Let us hope they both make it to production. We need as many e mobility options as possible

  2. The retro dark green one looks awesome. Are there any price estimates?

  3. If Adrian is responsible for the new mini coupe concept than I would like to congratulate him. That is one hot looking auto. Has bmw announced if or when the coupe will be in for sales? How about offering it as an e-car? Would be very nice