Thursday, October 28, 2010

Back in the Drivers Seat

Good news. After only about 5 hours after dropping off #250 for my 42,000 mile service and to check out the fan issue I got a call from my service manager Vinnie to tell me the car was all set and ready to be picked up.

Since I was at work and had a busy night in front of me (a party of 50 was booked) I couldn't leave and get the car so I picked it up this morning on my way to work. Vinnie greeted me as he always does, with my keys, an explanation of what services were performed and a smile. Service writers can help to make a usually unpleasant trip to the dealer more bearable by explaining everything they needed to do and simply being personable and Vinny does a good job at both. I am happy I got my MINI-E from Morristown MINI because I am very pleased with the overall job the service department does there. The car is always cleaned and charged when I pick it up. The only criticism I can really offer is that Morristown MINI doesn't have many actual MINI's to give out as service loaner cars and they use Enterprise Rent a Car for this. I know most dealers use this practice (When I had a Mercedes they also used a rental company for their service loaners unless you were a "Gold Circle" customer and probably needed to buy ten cars from the dealer to qualify) In all my service trips for the MINI-E (about ten) I only got to use an actual MINI once and it was a clubman. I really liked driving the car and it even made me think about buying one. I think this is a great way to showcase their products and possibly get their service customers to want to upgrade to a newer MINI or clubman. Oh well, what do I know?

Anyway, #250 is back on the road and I only had to shell out $8.00 for gas yesterday. Not bad, but consider this: The same miles driven in my MINI-E would have cost me about $2.65 in electricity, and that was for just ONE DAY of driving!


  1. A great service department makes (or breaks) a dealership; I couldn't have better than MINI of Peabody up here, or Orlando MINI down south. Also, A+ to Sandia MINI in Albuquerque.

  2. That's good to hear Ian. Unfortunately some of the other MINI-E pioneers do not have such nice things to say about some of the other participating dealerships. Their service issues were some of the biggest criticisms they had of the MINI-E program. As I have said, Morristown MINI has been great to me though.

  3. I agree, without a good service department a dealership is useless in my opinion. Anybody can sell me a car, in fact I wish we could just buy a new car online directly from the manufacturer. It's the service department makes the dealer a good one or a bad one.

  4. I agree Morristown MINI is a great service shop, but your going to love their sister operation Morristown BMW when the Active E comes out, they are both run by the same company and its a class act.

  5. I would assume that Morristown BMW would be my ActiveE dealer, but you never know. I'm sure BMW will only use a few dealers to handle all the NJ ActiveE's and they might not choose Morristown.

    There are a lot more BMW dealers than there are MINI dealers so BMW has a bigger pool to choose from.