Saturday, September 11, 2010

Phil Blackwood and #411 stop by Nauna's for a Charge

Ever since I got a 50amp EVSE installed at my restaurant, Nauna's Bella Casa in Montclair, I have posted on the MINI-E facebook page and here on this blog that any other MINI-E driver that needs a charge can come over and "fill up" as needed. Many have taken me up on the offer. Actually much more than I expected, which is fine with me as I get to meet some of the others in the program, chat MINI-E, and then sell them a dinner or lunch while their car is charging.

This past Saturday Phil Blackwood stopped by with #411 for some quick electrons. Phil had driven from his home in Central Jersey to New York City to attend the Solar Road Trip rally, a movement to get the White House to re-install solar panels on the roof. Phil needed a little extra juice to make it back to his house and Nauna's was in a perfect location to stop off at on his way home.

Phil and I had a nice conversation, he had a late dinner and after about an hour charge he had more than enough juice to get home.
Thanks for stopping by Phil, it was nice to meet another MINI-E pioneer!

In the past year that I've had the EVSE at Nauna's I've probably had two dozen or so MINI-E's stop by to charge up. I'm thinking I need to talk to BMW about the installing a real public charging station in my parking lot when the ActiveE program begins and they can tell the ActiveE participants in the NY/NJ area that the station is available for them to use at no charge. We can get the press involved and advertise how BMW is committed to a sustainable future with alternative fuel vehicles... Hmmm


  1. Do you charge for the electricity they use?

  2. No I do not charge them a fee to charge up. The electricity cost is very minimal. I pay $.11/kWh at the restaurant and even if they were completely out of power and needed to fully charge the battery it would only cost me $3.08 since the MINI-E has only 28kWh of usable energy storage.

    Plus, nobody has ever needed to fully charge up. They just want a quick boost to make it to their destination. The average person probably charged for 1 1/2 hours and used about $1.50 in electric. Also, just about everyone that did charge up sat down in the restaurant and bought a meal while the car was charging so they more than covered the meager cost of electric that they used.

  3. Tom: Some comments please on your thoughts about battery climate control systems. In reading other Mini-E blogs, BEV range seems to be drastically altered by temp, especially cold. Some blogs seemed to imply that this really soured them on the BEV. (One guy even traded his Mini-E in for a MB ICE.) I understand the Mini-E has a passive system, but that the Active-E and later Megacity may go to a liquid system, which is supposed to be a big improvement for the Li-ion battery chemistry. I'm trying to keep my old ICE going until I can go with a BEV or possibly a PHEV. But do you think the liquid system may be too complicated to be reliable? Your thoughts please. And by the way, you are an elegant spokesman for the emerging BEV market. - Bob J.