Wednesday, September 29, 2010

MINI-E #250 Shows off at Green Transportation Expo

 I was asked to bring the car to a Green Transportation Expo in Florham Park last week. Fortunately, I pass through Florham Park on my way to work so it wasn't much of an inconvenience at all and I agreed. It was held in the parking lot of Pershing, LLC and there were about 15 other cars there. My MINI-E was the only pure electric so it got lots of attention and I was answering questions about it the whole time I was there. Most everyone really liked it and a few even knew about it. 

I even spoke to one of the organizers and he had told me that they were looking into installing charging stations in their parking lot for their employees. As you can imagine I encouraged him to do so and even offered some ideas and told him I can help him get in contact with the companies that make the EVSE's if he needed help. It's really great to hear employers getting on board with the EV movement. Workplace charging will play a big role in the mass deployment of electric vehicles. My personal experience of living with an EV was definitely improved when I installed a charger at my workplace. 
I talked about BMW's future EV plans including the ActiveE and Megacity vehicle and there was a lot of interest in those cars also. The day went well, there were a few hundred attendees and I'm sure more than a few of them went home with a different outlook on electric cars after I talked to them for a while.


  1. That is great Tom, keep spreading the word!

  2. Do they pay for your attendance? If not, it is nice of you to give them your effort

  3. Wish I'd known about this, I work in Florham Park, been trying to get my company to install charging stations too.

  4. Robert: Pershing, LLC is located at 19 Vreeland Road, right off Columbia Turnpike. I'll know when they install them and I'll let you know. Maybe you can then tell your company "Look, they did it right down the block!"
    They really aren't that expensive and the electricity use is minimal as you know.