Monday, September 20, 2010

Guest Post on Edmunds Inside Line

Edmunds Automotive is one of the most respected automotive authorities. For many years they have offered guidance for purchasing new and used cars in print and online. They also have a site that tests cars for long term durability. They buy the cars and drive them for a year or two and report on their time with the car. They call this site Edmunds Long Term Road Test. Occasionally at their request, I write guest blog posts for them about the MINI-E. Donna DeRosa, managing editor for Edmunds contacted me recently and asked me if I could write another post, this time about the effects the extreme heat we have had this summer has had on the MINI-E. Hit the link below to jump to the post I did.


  1. Nicely done. I enjoy your posts on Inside line, they always get lots of comments. I'm sure you notice how they usually ask Edmunds to bring you on staff! That's the biggest compliment you could get.
    I'm still waiting for the volt of leaf to be available here in Florida...

  2. Like the symbolism of the Mini E parked next to the gun. Electric cars are another form of defense against foreign threats. The less terrorist oil we use the better for our national security.

  3. Anonymous: That is what I was going for. Reducing our dependency on foreign oil is one of the few issues that everyone should agree on regardless of your political affiliation.
    We spend over a billion dollars a day on imported oil. Much of it comes from out friends up North, but a lot of it does come from radical regimes that support and sponsor terrorism.