Saturday, September 4, 2010

Front Page News Story on Me & #250!

Recently I was contacted by Mike Frassinelli, a reporter for the Star Ledger, New Jersey largest newspaper with a daily circulation of over 300,000. He wanted to do a story on me and the fact that I'm driving an electric car and also charging the car with electric that I generate myself from my home solar array. Being the media hound I am, I happily agreed and he came over to my house with a photographer about a week later. We talked for a while, took some pictures and I even let him drive the car for a while. Mike is a great guy and a good journalist, asking all the important questions and even following up my interview with a conversation with Richard Steinberg, head of BMW's electric car division here in the US.

A few days later I heard from Mike and he told me that it looked like the story would run in Sundays paper but that was tentative. Then on Saturday, the day before it was to run, he called me back again and said he had good news and bad news. The bad news was that it wasn't going to be in Sundays paper. He then went on to say the good news was that the paper liked the story so much, they want to put it on the front page and Sunday wasn't possible. Wow, front page ink! That was good news.

So on Tuesday, August 31st, I started getting text messages from friends early in the morning. . The first one came at 5:50am  and said "I'm staring at some goof-ball on the front page of my morning paper, you really out did yourself this time". That was how my day was to be. I had dozens of telephone calls, text messages and emails. Also just about everyone that came to the restaurant that day had the paper in hand and wanted to talk to the "celebrity" some even had a pen and joked about wanting my autograph.

It was a fun experience and hopefully I got some people thinking about electric cars and solar electric. The combination is really great and hopefully a model for future personal transportation.

You can read the entire article from this link.


  1. Congratulations! You have become quite the spokesman for the mini e. BMW should consider paying you for all you have done in some way or another. The exposure you have brought to this mini e program and BMW is of high value. Keep up the great work!

  2. I just read the article from the link. Nicely done!

    Front page story - very impressive.

  3. Thank you Neils. I know BMW appreciates the exposure and the effort I have put forth to help promote the MINI-E. I have received hand written letters of thanks from members of the board of directors of BMW and also emails from both BMW of North America and Munich. They know I have helped keep the car and their e-mobility program in the news quite frequently an that's a good thing for them.

  4. Congratulations Tom, you have been a fantastic spokesman for the electric mini and a great plug-in advocate.
    I read your articles and comments on various alternative energy sites and you always present yourself and your position admirably even when others do not necessarily reciprocate.


  5. We are very interested in electric cars in Japan also. However hybrid vehicles are still considered most opportunistic and functional. It is difficult to include charging in many big cities as parking is very limited but we must continue to advance the technologies.

  6. Thanks for stopping by Kazuya. I received an email from someone from Japan last week also. It's great to hear from people that are interested in electric cars from all over the world. That's one of my favorite aspects of, and inspiration to continue to maintain this blog.