Wednesday, August 25, 2010

MINI-E Vanity Plate Poster

A few months after the MINI-E trial lease program started last year, I noticed some of the participants had applied for vanity license plate to proudly proclaim that they were driving a car that doesn't need gasoline or oil. I'm not a big vanity plate fan and I generally like to blend in with the crowd rather than stick out, but I thought if ever I would want one give people a reason to look at my car this would be it so I applied for, and received "EF-OPEC"

Most everywhere I go people love the plate and take pictures of it all the time. I also get a lot of "Does that mean what I think it does?", to which I just smile. I few months ago I asked some of the others in the program to send me a close up picture of their vanity plates and I organized them and sent them to my printer and made up this poster. I then sent copies to the people that contributed their plate and also to some of the BMW employees in the electric car division. I never got around to posting it here and I have had a few requests to see it lately so I thought I would put it up for all to see.

Gotta go now, I have a reporter from the Star Ledger, a newspaper in New Jersey, coming over to interview me about the car and my solar electric system. I'll post a link to the article when it comes out.


  1. That looks like it was professionally done. Nice

  2. NOC8H18 took me a while to figure out. I don't think too many people will get it if they just see it casually on the road driving.

    Sans greenhouse gas is cool too.

    cool compilation!

  3. Great Pic! Could I re-run it sometime on SolarChargedDriving.Com -- with credit of course, and a link back to your blog?

    Also, congrats on getting all the media attention you're getting. I'm jealous. I don't think I'll get much until we add the electric car to the home solar system we had put in in June.

    The goal in getting media coverage isn't to have the world focus on me, but to get the word out about solar-charged driving, or, if you prefer, PV+EV.

    I'm glad there are people ahead of me out there doing it already!

  4. Christof:

    Sure you can use it. If you would like, send me your mailing address and I'll send you one of the posters. I have a couple extra.