Friday, July 2, 2010

BMW Rendering of Megacity vehicle

In today's NY Times there is an article on BMW's future plans to develop electric cars.There have been a lot of speculation and artist renderings about what BMW's 2013 Megacity car will look like. Remember, the MINI-E is the first electric car produced by BMW's Project I, and was meant to gather information used to help ultimately develop the electric Megacity car. This is the first time a rendering has actually come from BMW and not just some magazine or artist, so it is sure to have some styling cues as to how the Megacity will basically look. It's obviously a concept rendering, but it does tell us what BMW is thinking.


  1. Tom,
    I read this NYT article. Great article! My favorite part. The following quote:

    “The departure from fossil fuels is an irreversible trend."
    -- Kai Petrick, BMW marketing strategist


    P.S. -- Thought you might be interested in this story (or maybe you've already seen it) -->

    "Driving while blind? Maybe with new high-tech car." /ci_15427172

    Seems to me, if they're able to do something like this, advanced motion sensing/infrared body heat sensing technology, etc. could be potentially used to eliminate the need for constant noise to be added to quieter vehicles.

  2. Wow, that's an interesting article Christof.

    As for BMW, I am really excited about the direction they seem to be going in. I really believe they are extremely committed to electric cars, more so than any other major auto manufacturer other than Nissan. I am really happy to be part of their electric car transition and helping to shape the future of their product line.

  3. I wish they would give a better idea of how the car will look, but I guess they have a plan on what gets released and when. I am excited about this car, I think it is going to be awesome