Thursday, May 20, 2010

Nissan Leaf pre-orders already exceed production capacity!

AutoBlogGreen is reporting Nissan has already taken more pre-orders of the Nissan Leaf than they will be able to produce! I know this is a MINI-E site but the Leaf is the first all electric car that a major auto manufacturer will sell and the fact that the demand is already outstripping the supply is reinforcing what I have been writing here for a while now: There are a lot of people that are sick and tired of the oil industry and want another option. They will be willing to sacrifice a little convenience for the opportunity to say F*** OPEC! Sorry guys, when you get your Leaf you'll have to come up with your own vanity plate, I'm not giving this one up!


  1. They've got my $99. I reserved a black one and can't wait until they start showing up in Nissan dealerships. I've never owned a Nissan and never been a big fan of the brand, but this changes everything.

  2. I reserved mine in proto-type blue with he solar panel and other upgrades. Hope to have it in my garage this December here in Portland. Fast chargers are being installed all over the metro area.

  3. I plan on buying 1 as soon as they are available in florida