Saturday, May 22, 2010

Nice Day, Nice drive, Great Range..

When I woke up this morning it seemed like a great day leisurely drive around North Western New Jersey so my wife and I hopped into #250 and took it for a 54 mile cruise through the country. We drove on all rural, secondary roads so it was mostly low speed driving, the kind of driving the MINI-E loves most. The temperature was in the low 70's so the battery was very happy also. It was a very enjoyable drive, as there were no other cars on the road to spoil the relaxing peacefulness of the quiet electric drive of the MINI-E. When we arrived home about two hours later we had driven 54 miles and still had an estimated 70 miles of range left. 124 miles, pretty good if I do say so myself.


  1. What effects the range the most, your speed or the temperature of the batteries?

  2. How big is the battery in the mini-e?

  3. Kyle, good question. It depends. Are you talking about driving 85-90mph? If so speed would have a bigger effect. If you are talking driving 65-70mph verses 15 degrees outside, then the cold weather would have a greater effect. The range really is a combination of all the factors.

    Anonymous: The car has a 35kwh battery pack, of which 28kwh is usable. This is so the battery never gets discharged below 20%. If you continuously ran the battery that low, it would severely decrease the life of the pack.

  4. Tom, Sounds like a great ride. Too bad the NFB, NHTSA and the major car-makers want to make EVs noisier. I'm sure you're aware of the recent announcement by the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, etc. that they'll work with the Feds to install automatic, artificial noise-making devices on EVs and hybrids.

    I'm all for safety. What I'm not for is an un-critical, one-sided rush to add noise in a society already overwhelmed by industrial noise.

    We've done a series of stories on the EV-noise-safety issue at SolarChargedDriving.Com. And we've interviewed groups that the mainstream media never interview. For example, current EV owners, who overwhelmingly said they were against adding automatic, constant noise to EVs.

    Next up in the series: Another group that the mainstream and mainline auto media routinely ignore -- anti-noise pollution advocates and groups. We'll also examine the considerable scholarly research that has repeatedly shown that urban noise exacts a real toll on human physiological and mental health.

    Anyway, just hoping that by the time we get an EV that it'll be as quiet as your Mini-E, though I have a feeling it won't be...


  5. Christof:
    Yes I've read about it. It's a real shame if they make some artificial noise that has to continuously run. Today's luxury cars with internal combustion engines are so quiet you cannot hear them unless they are under heavy acceleration. When they are coasting along a side street at 30mph they are as quiet as an EV but nobody's complaining about them. There is plenty of road noise from the tires on the pavement, besides, it's the drivers responsibility not to hit pedestrians whatever kind of car they are driving