Monday, May 17, 2010

#458 Gets a Charge out of Nauna's

 Jim McLaughlin lives in Princeton, NJ and drives MINI-E #458. His daily commute takes him into Pennsylvania to his job every day and has a round trip of around 130 miles. Like me, Jim is able to charge while he is working, although it's at 120V, 12amps so it's a slow charge. Still, it adds about 20% to his state of charge while he works so he doesn't have to worry about the long 65 mile drive home. Because of his long commute, Jim has over 26,000 miles on his car and is second only to me in total miles out of all the 612 MINI-E's made. Over the weekend he and his wife stopped by Nauna's for some lunch and to top off #458 as they continued to their destination in New York City. The round trip was about 135 miles and slightly out of the MINI-E's range although Jim has made himself famous for getting exceptionally long single-charge driving range. He regularly gets 120+ miles per charge, but 135 mostly highway miles might be even too much for him to squeeze out of the MINI-E's 35kwh battery pack. Why take that chance when there is a friendly restaurant on the way in Montclair willing to let MINI-E drivers "fill up" for free? I've probably had a few dozen pioneers stop by and use the charger so far. I'm fine with that, I've let everyone know the charger is there and ready for anyone that needs it. Hopefully next year they'll be some BMW ActiveE's stopping by to get some juice because that would mean I'd have one parked out there too!


  1. What does it cost you in electric to let them charge? Do they pay?

  2. If the car needed a full charge from "empty", it would cost $3.00 to $4.00, but when people stop by for a charge, they generally aren't that low of charge. Usually, they're just looking for a little juice like 20% or so. That costs me maybe $1.00. I have a 50amp charger at work so the car can bey about 33% charged per hour so if someone came to Nauna's, plugged in and sat down to eat, by the time they left they would have an additional 25 to 35% charge which is good for 20 to 40 miles of driving. No I don't charge anyone for the electricity, it's always nice to meet up with another MINI-E pioneer and catch up.