Monday, April 12, 2010

Nice trip to the Delaware Water Gap

Yesterday morning my wife and I got up early and headed up to the Delaware Water Gap. It's a beautiful area with lots of scenic views of the Delaware River plus places to picnic and hike. It was about 45 miles from our home so I knew we could make it with the MINI-E, I just didn't know how much driving around we could do once we got there since I wanted to head back home with 45-50% charge.

We made it there with about 55% charge left so we took advantage of the extra juice and drove around for a while. The roads were empty and the MINI-E was at it's best in my opinion. Driving along country roads with the windows down and all you could hear was birds and the occasional sound of the tires rolling over gravel in the road. We didn't even want to turn the radio on it was so peaceful.
After a while we stopped at an Appalachian trail and went for a short hike. We didn't have the time to go too far but it's definitely a place that we'll return to when we have more time for a longer exploration.

We headed back home and finished the trip of 100.7 miles with 7% charge left which would be good for at least 10 more miles before I would have needed to use the 15 or so miles of "reserve" that the car has. The MINI-E is good for most driving environments but in my opinion, there is nothing better than driving it on winding country roads with the windows down and listening to the tires on the road, the slight whine of the regenerative braking and the sounds of the environment outside the car that you normally don't hear over the engine of an internal combustion engine car. I can't explain it, you have to experience it to know how much more enjoyable it is.


  1. Great story sounds like a nice way to spend a day.

  2. Yes it was. The MINI-E made it that much more enjoyable also.

  3. Wow, that's an awesome view and to think you weren't polluting the air as you were driving around up there. Wonderful!

  4. The Delaware Water Gap is one of our favorite places, unfortunately its 60 miles from my place, so we cant take the MINI E. We are gradually hiking the AT in parts, finished PA and are half way through NJ. but mount Tammany trail gives the best view there.

  5. Hi Tom!

    An E-Car to buy is to expensive.
    I would like to drive immediately one...
    So we have to wait if its affordable...
    Its a pity, really!

    Wish you anymore a lot of fun with your E-Mini!

    Greetings from South-West-Germany!


  6. I had an early electric car in Germany from 1997 to 2000, a Swiss made 'Twike'. I felt exactly the same, driving is just so wonderfully different with just the few whiny electric noises in the background. I always felt like I was flying.

    I will not buy any new car unless it's electric. But right now, I don't even need any, I'm doing car sharing.

    Great Blog!

  7. very nice story. I am hopeful e mobility will be available for us at affordable pricing soon. I wish to not buy oil products as soon as possible as they are bad for the environment and equally bad for my wallet

  8. It is really great success story for electric car.
    I found your blog through an article which was published by the biggest online/offline news magazine of germany

    You can see the article here: (it is in german),1518,687871,00.html

  9. Feridun: Thanks, yes it has been a great success. I really hope the MINI-E program has helped to influence the advancement of electric drive vehicles.
    I did see the article already, thanks for pointing it out. It must be a very popular online magazine over in Germany because this blog has had about 1,500 visits from Germany today!
    I hope you all like the blog!