Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Electric Street, Metuchen, NJ

I was driving in Metuchen, NJ the other day and saw this street sign. I had to stop and take a picture on the corner of Electric Street!

So it got me thinking, I wonder how many Electric Streets, Avenues, Roads, Places, Way, etc there were in New Jersey. Maybe it would be fun to drive to them and take pictures of the car in front of the street sign and post them here. So I pulled up Google maps and did a check. I was really surprised to find there were no other streets at all in New Jersey that were called "Electric". I just happened to stumble on the only one in the state, go figure.

So I guess I won't be humming an Eddie Grant tune as I drive along Electric Avenue anytime soon.


  1. I didn't believe that there wouldn't be any Electric streets, roads or avenues in all of New Jersey so I checked and confirmed it. I'm a little surprised it's not that strange a street name.

  2. Speaking of Electric street,

    Tom, Congratualtions on your first megawatt of power generation!