Friday, April 23, 2010

BMW Mega City Gets the Green Light

It really comes as no surprise but it's still nice to hear it formally announced. The BMW Mega City line, a sub brand that will be a line up of electric cars is targeting 2013 as the launch for their first pure BEV. It will be a five seat, three door hatchback and may look very similar to the photo above.

This is great news for everyone following the MINI-E program and other electric cars. Many of us in the MINI-E trial lease have wondered "What are we really working on?" BMW had told us from the beginning that they do not have plans on refining and selling the MINI-E, and that this program was gathering information for a future electric car from BMW. Now we have some clarity and even a picture to look at.

The BMW ActiveE will bridge the gap from the MINI-E to the Mega City vehicle and will have most of the components that will be used in the Mega City. We have been told that those of us in the MINI-E program that sign up for a second year(like I have) will have first priority to get an ActiveE next June. There will be roughly 700 ActiveE's positioned around the world for real world testing.


  1. Looks nice. I would prefer the ActiveE though. Are they planning to bring it to production also?

  2. I have seen other pictures of the car on Auto Motor und Sport website:

  3. When I read this I'm really sad, because that BMW has no plans on refining and selling the MINI-E one day is terrible news. I always had hope we were going to see it on the streets one day as a regular car within the Mini range and everybody would be able to buy one. I think they miss a great chance there. A BMW Mega City is no Mini. Period!

  4. Marcus, I agree there should be an electric MINI and I bet you there is one sometime soon. This car is extremely enjoyable to drive and is really a perfect commuter car. If they were to make some obvious refinements like a thermal management system and rework the battery pack so you have rear seating (this could be easily accomplished, I believe they could sell tons of them.

    I do know it's not in BMW's short term plans, but that's not to say they won't come around to doing it if they think there will be a demand.