Monday, March 29, 2010

"BMW E Mobility" video is posted on YouTube and #250 and I are the main characters

Back on March 7th I reported that BMW sent a film crew from Germany to film me and the car for three days. It is part of a long term project that will chronicle the shift from internal combustion engines to electric cars so this will  take years to complete but when it's finished, I'll be part of the documentary as one of the early adopters during the research phase of electric cars.

The film crew from TVT productions put together a quick 4 minute video clip to show the executives at BMW and they liked it do it was posted on You Tube. The video above is the four minute clip.


  1. Wow that was cool!

  2. Great! I love the new blog layout also. I guess you needed to upgrade now that you are a star!


  3. Thanks guys. We actually filmed over 20 hours of footage. This was just a quick piece put together for BMW. Too bad I'll have to wait a few years to see the whole documentary but it should be really interesting.

  4. I like the new look,congrats on the video.

  5. Tom, The new blog layout looks good and is easy to read. The video came out very well too, you came across very well.