Saturday, March 27, 2010

#250 and I are featured in a NY Times Video!

Stefania Rousselle was the video journalist assigned to do the video production.

Last Sunday I spent basically the whole day with Stefania Rousselle of the New York Times shooting video of me and the car. Stefania said the Times wanted to look at the car from two perspectives; living with the car in a suburban environment verses a city environment. Since I live in rural Chester, NJ I was chosen to give the suburban perspective and Adam Moore, who also has a MINI-E and lives in NYC was chosen to give the city life perspective. The video came out very nice, but how much detail can you really go into in 5 minutes? It would be really nice to explore the issues of both environments in a 30 minute documentary type production. I know Stefania has enough footage to put something like this together, she must have recorded at least 4 or 5 hours of video between the both of us, so maybe she'll do it in her spare time(If she ever gets any)...It was a lot of work to see only a few minutes of video, but I guess that's how this business works, you can never record too much. One thing I did take out of the experience, when you have a wireless mic on you all day, you can't forget it or you could say something that's not necessarily meant to be heard, but we won't get into that....
Click on the link below to view the video:


  1. Nice video but like you said it would have been nicer if it could have been longer and let you and Adam talk more.

  2. The video should have discussed how electric cars go further when driving in low speed city driving where the regenerative braking is used a lot more than highway driving. They are really perfect city cars. And why did the guy mention his insurance and parking garage costs? That has nothing to do with the Mini-e. He would have to pay that for a gas powered car also.

  3. Joseph, many topics were discussed including what you mentioned, but it all comes down to having only a few minutes of video to work with. I'm sure editing is the toughest part. I know I would have a hard time cutting out stuff to make it fit if I were doing it.

  4. Just watched it, nice job!