Saturday, February 27, 2010

Now it's getting ridiculous.

Yes, that snow pile next to the car is as high as the roof. This picture was taken in the parking lot of my restaurant today, a day after the biggest storm of the year. Actually it was the worst storm we've had in quite a few years. Some towns not far from here had 3 feet of snow! We "only' had about 18 to 20 inches but with the high winds and the drifting it was hard to get an accurate accumulation reading. There were snow drifts at my house that were up to four feet high. Mini-E #250 was safely in the garage for the past two days. I don't mind driving it in moderate snow but this was an exceptional storm and I was only driving my Tacoma 4X4 the past two days. This winter has been exceptionally severe. In fact, the normal snowfall total for this time of year is 18 inches and so far this winter we have had 48! Now that the roads are mostly clear #250 is back in action, at least until the next blizzard.


  1. Nice blog Tom. I check it out frequently. I bet the California Mini e drivers aren't worrying about the snow!

  2. You've had so much more snow this year, than we've got on the coast north of Boston! What a wild and exciting winter

  3. Ian,
    It's not that it has snowed that many times. The thing is that just about every time it has snowed it's been a major(and sometimes record breaking)snowstorm. we are accustomed to getting a few inches every now and then, but this year we've had over a foot of snow on three separate occasions. I'm definitely ready for spring.