Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hey wait, that's me they're talking about!

I have a Google news alert for MINI-E related articles. Every couple of days there is a story about EV's and the MINI-E gets mentioned so I like to read about it and the other EV news. Today when I checked the news I saw two new MINI-E stories were listed. The first one was about the BorgWarner heater in the MINI-E. They were saying how it was developed just for the MINI-E and how wonderful it is. I'd like to see the person who wrote the article come and sit in the car when it's 10 degrees outside. The heater in the car is dreadfully insufficient and is one of the things that everyone that has one complains about. EV's don't have waste heat from the engine like ICE cars do so there has to be a device that generates the heat for the cabin and ours just doesn't work well at all.

The second article was about this guy that has driven his MINI-E 20,000 miles in seven months. Hmmm, that sounds familiar. That's right, they were talking about me. It was posted at AutoBlogGreen and you can read it by following this link.


  1. Don't feel so bad about the heater - they're not great on regular MINIs either :(

  2. They have such a small area to heat up that you would think it would be easily done. I've given up on it. It's one of those things we have to just live with.

  3. Wow Autoblog Green! You are starting to gain notoriety Tom! Good going!