Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Not Again!

Yes, I had to fill the tank of the loaner Dodge Ram truck again as my MINI-E is still in for service. It's been in for over two weeks now and when I called Morristown MINI yesterday to see if they had any info on when I will be getting it back I just got " Sorry, we don't have any information to give you" This is not unusual since the MINI-E's get towed to an undisclosed location(Woodcliff Lake, NJ) to be serviced. The service reps in Morristown are really nice, buy they can't provide any info because they don't know themselves. Anyway, I've now logged over 1,000 miles on the loaner truck and spent almost $200.00 in gasoline which really sucks. Hopefully I'll get #250 back soon, I'm starting to have EV withdrawal.

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