Friday, January 15, 2010

MINI-E gets called into duty!

Well, not exactly the MINI-E, but I was. I have a couple different routes to drive to and from work, depending on the state of charge on the car. If I have a full charge, I take route 80 west to Route 206 south to Chester. It is about 10 miles longer than the other routes, but since it is about 80% highway, I can make it home in about the same time as the much shorter ways as there are traffic lights and low speed limits.
On Wednesday night, I had time to charge up at work so I left with 100% charge. I therefore chose to take the longer, mostly highway route home and I'm glad I did. It was around 11:30pm and I had just got on route route 80 in Parsippany and about 300 feet ahead of me I saw some sparks but I couldn't tell what it was from. As I got closer, I saw a minivan on its side and it had apparently just flipped over as nobody was there to assist. I pulled over and ran over to the van and heard someone yelling "Help" from inside. I quickly called 911, told them what had happened and then told them I was going to try to get the passenger(s) out. Smoke was pouring out of the engine compartment but I didn't see any sign of fire. Still I was worried that the smoke could overwhelm the passenger or that a fire might start. The only way I could see to get the person out was through the windshield so I started frantically kicking and even punching it. Let me tell you, safety glass is no joke, it is really hard to break through it but eventually I did. Just as I started to pull the glass apart and make a hole big enough to fit my hand through a second person stopped with a bat and helped to make the hole big enough to get pull the driver out. By then, about 6 others had stopped and were helping us carry the man off the road to get him out of danger. As we did that, the Calvary showed up and began to spray foam on the van. There were about 15 State Troopers, three fire trucks and two EMS trucks. One of the EMS workers asked me if I was in the car and when I told them no he asked how did I get injured? He pointed to my hands and I then realized they were covered in blood. I hadn't even realized that safety glass from the windshield was slicing up my hands as I was pulling it apart to get the guy out. They took me into the EMS truck and pulled about 20 pieces of broken glass out of my hands and wrapped them up in bandages and I was on my way home. It was really a crazy experience. I know it might be a stretch to post this story here because it really isn't a "MINI-E" story, but my route was dictated by my state of charge. I'm glad I had a full charge that night or I would have taken the short route home. However I bet the guy I pulled out of the car is even more happy I did.


  1. Youre a hero. You may have saved that mans life.