Friday, December 25, 2009

Loaner car = Pain at the Pump

With MINI-E #250 in for service, I have the pleasure of driving a Dodge Ram 4X4 pick up provided by Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Morristown MINI uses Enterprise for their main source of loaners while their customers have their vehicles in for service. I've already gone on record as being against this policy so I'm not going to rant about it again, but I do wish they would use MINI's as their loaner cars, I certain their customers would have a more positive opinion on the service experience if they did.

Anyway, I knew the time would come when I would have to go to a dreaded gas station with the truck and fill up sooner or later. As you can see above, It cost me $60 bucks (it is Christmas Day so I had to give the guy $1 tip, right?) for a little over 22 gallons. I got it with a full tank and I drove 330 miles so I got a whopping 14.9mpg! These same 330 miles in the MINI-E would have cost me $9-$10 in electric.

It's kind of ironic that I have such a huge, gas guzzling vehicle as the loaner car while my electric car is being serviced. It was the only vehicle Enterprise had left and they couldn't switch it with anything else, so I guess this week OPEC wins.

I really have enjoyed not going to gas stations in my six months with the MINI-E so far. I certainly don't miss paying $40 bucks or so every 4 or 5 days , but what I really don't miss is giving my hard earned money to the giant oil cartels. I know every time I fill up some small amount of that money is getting sent overseas to some Islamic fundamentalist regime that wants to kill me. Yeah, electric generated from burning coal isn't the cleanest source of energy, but at least the people working the coal mines in Wyoming, North Dakota & Pennsylvania aren't funneling part of their profits to radical groups plotting terrorist attacks on the US.

Merry Christmas!


  1. I agree with you completely. Just look at the news today alone; Al Queda attempt to blow up a jet as it lands in Detroit and a tanker ship carrying diesel fuel hits the same reef that the Exxon Valdes hit years ago and we have another ecological disaster on our hands. Everyone knows these terror groups get their funding from two sources; drugs(opium)and oil. Ships carrying crude and diesel will always have occasional spills as long as we continue to use as much as we do and transport it over seas. The impact that just one of these spills have on the environment is devastating, let alone dozens every year.


  2. Well Said. Hope you get the car back soon!

  3. Tom,
    #304 is in the shop too, but I didnt bother to ask for a loaner, its the holidays and I'm not doing much driving anyway, using my Z3 when I have to which gets 22mpg, not grest but it beats 14, and is more fun to drive then a truck.

  4. I would buy an electric car for those reasons alone. I'm not a big global warming believer but I do know that some of the billions and probable trillions of dollars the US spends on oil does find itself in the hands of terror groups, there is no doubt to it. Do you think we would have been in the desert storm or Irag wars if we weren't trying to protect our oil interests? How many young americans died in Iraq & Afganastan in the past decade? We're not fighting wars over electric and we never will.

    Joseph Harrington