Friday, September 18, 2009

Is this what we're working on?

From the onset we were told that MINI is not going to sell the MINI-E, and that the purpose of the program is to test the components of the vehicle to be used in a future electric BMW. Nothing has been officially announced, but there has been plenty of talk about what this vehicle might look like. Above is just an artist's rendition of what the car might look like, and I for one hope the artist is way off. That thing is UGLY! I know the importance of aerodynamics especially for EVs, but the car still needs to look good for it to sell. I don't expect BMW to put out anything like that.

Nathalie Bauthers, a spokesperson for BMW says: "The MINI-E will play a significant role in the derivation of forthcoming strategic and technological decisions. In talking about their experience with the MINI-E, customers will be helping MINI and the BMW Group determine the viability of electric vehicles in big cities. The MINI-E is just one example of what the BMW Group is doing to develop future mobility concepts that are efficient and help reduce our impact on the environment and our dependence on foreign oil.," she says. "MINI-E is the first product of BMW’s project i (i stands for international, intelligent and innovative) – a program designed to research and develop transportation strategies and new types of vehicles specifically to meet the needs of the world’s growing mega-cities."

Hopefully, we will get something from BMW soon to give us an idea of what this mystery car will look like. I will definitely consider buying one if it looks good and is functional (4 seats). So far, I have very little complaints about the drivetrain of my MINI-E and BMW shouldn't have to change too much to use it in their car. Who knows, maybe MINI will put out an all electric version of their new coupe they just announced this week. Either way, I'm looking forward to having the option of electric drive when I buy my next vehicle, hopefully BMW will make my decision an easy one.

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