Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Zero emission pizza delivery

Any business owner knows you do whatever you have to in order to keep your customers happy. You work very hard to build customer loyalty, and it can be lost in a moment if the product or service you are selling isn't up to par. Today at the restaurant I had a delivery person call out sick and I couldn't get anyone to cover for him. I knew I would probably have to take a few deliveries if it got busy, but I do that every now and then so it's nothing out of the ordinary. What I didn't realize was that we would be extraordinarily busy today, perhaps due to the heat as it was about 91 degrees and humid today. Instead of having to take a couple deliveries myself, I ended delivering for 4 hours straight and taking almost 30 deliveries. MINI-E #250 got a good workout, and passed with flying colors. The car really likes stop and go driving, unlike gasoline powered cars. The low speed, around the town driving is easy on the batteries as long as you don't drive like you're on racetrack. So after driving 45 miles I only used 39% of the battery charge, which is better than I would get on the highway. Gasoline cars get terrible mileage in this type of stop and go driving, just another example of the difference in electric vs. ICE (internal combustion engine) vehicles.

The other thing I realized today is that a lot of people read the local newspaper, The Montclair Times. About two months ago the Montclair Times did an article on me and the MINI-E. It had pictures of me with the car and details of how and why I got involved in the program. Since then, a lot of people who've come to the restaurant, have told me they read the article and they're glad I was doing it and wish me good luck. However, bringing the car to their home to deliver food elicited even more enthusiastic responses. Sure, I got the usual, "Wow, the owner is delivering to me today, I feel special," but many of them who saw the car in their driveway added, "Oh and you brought THE CAR! Can I take a look?" I didn't think that that many people knew about it, but I guess they all read the Montclair Times. As I reported before, I LOVE talking about the car, the environmental impact of ICE vehicles, the need to break the nation's foreign oil dependency, etc., so I really enjoyed talking to everyone about it. I would have liked to take some of them for a ride and show off the car, but there were hungry people waiting for me so I couldn't take too much time at any one house. I felt like I was selling the car today, instead of just dinner. Today was a good day. The restaurant was busy all day, I got to talk with a lot of my customers, and I did about 110 miles of zero emission driving. Life is good.


  1. You washed the car - looks sharp ;)

  2. Well, at least it was clean for a while until it rained. I tell you, these Mini's attract dirt like a magnet. I've never had a car that gets so dirty so quickly.