Saturday, August 15, 2009

Fed-Ex drivers are observant!

I was driving on Soldier Hill Road in Oradell yesterday and when I stopped at a red light a Fed-Ex truck pulled up next to me and beeped his horn. The driver proceeded to lean over and roll down the passenger side window. He looked at me a little puzzled and said, "I've been following you for a while now and that car doesn't have a tailpipe. Is it electric?" I told him yes and it's one of about 100 in New Jersey and that I'm driving it for 12 months to help BMW gain information to be used in future EVs. By then the light had turned green and I said good bye. As I began to pull away he yelled, "You must be some big shot executive at MINI to get one of them for yourself." Since I didn't have time to fully explain how I got selected to be in the program I just smiled back and drove off.
It's not often someone realizes the car is electric while I'm driving it. Personally, I think MINI should have had some kind of decal that says "Electric Vehicle" or something like that. The plug decals just aren't enough for most people to realize what the car is. Unless of course they are Fex-Ex drivers who go driving around looking for tailpipes...


  1. Don't forget: He's also high enough off the ground to see the LARGE plug logo on the roof!

    -- Tim, #486

  2. Tim, You're right that's the most obvious signage we have on the cars and nobody driving can see it other than truck drivers way up above us. I guess I wouldn't have been surprised if he just asked me if it was electric. It just seemed funny the way he said he'd been following me and noticed there was no tailpipe. Nobody has asked me about the lack of tailpipe other than him. How's #486 doing?